Friday, June 26, 2015

It Will Be Good

It's good to be back home in Cokato after our third week of Metro Transit training. I'm getting better at the job, feeling more confident, honing skills.

Our class of 8 guys spent Monday & Tuesday in the classroom and then, on Wednesday, after a couple hours of learning and practice with wheelchair ramps/lifts and restraints we started "in service training" -- driving routes -- mainly those that we'll be tested on next week. Yesterday and today we picked up and dropped off paying passengers for the first time -- plus today we did some "hours of darkness" practice finding stops and pulling in to the required 4-6 inches from curbs. We drove freeways and downtown and uptown streets -- including the (crazy) Nicollet Mall.

My co-learner (there are two students with one instructor in each training bus) seems to have a natural aptitude for doing well. In my case I learn through repetition -- practice makes perfect. And I'm very glad we've got three more days of practice until our next test. Like I told Cheryl, the "on the bus" instructor that's spending the most time with me and my co-learner, I'm feeling a lot more optimistic now than I was before. I think I might be able to do this.

On Thursday morning, just as we were going out to pick up passengers for the first time, I saw a sign on the window of a business that echoed what the Lord has been telling me. The sign reads
I believe that's the attitude God wants me to have as I'm moving toward Thursday's test. My instructor and others have encouraged me toward confidence. She said I just need to have confidence in my skills. I know she's right.

Having customers on the bus a few times this week gave me a little feel for how this job might be once I'm actually doing it regularly. I will enjoy "being there" to serve families and elders and people of all races and abilities. Once we get through training we'll be assigned routes that we'll pretty much stick with for a few months. That will be a good thing -- both for continued building of confidence and for who knows what else in terms of the relationships God will bring my way.

First I do need to pass the test. I do ask your prayers that I would have all the faith and focus that I need to do so, using the skills that the Lord has provided through this training experience and before.

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