Sunday, June 7, 2015

God's Work of Pruning

Yesterday morning I received the following questions in an email from a ministry leader.

He says his "attention is being drawn to John 15:1-8 these days by the Lord" and continues:
"One of the things that I am meditating on these days is God's work of pruning..."
Here are the ministry leader's questions:
  1. What is it you think God needs to prune in our lives? What kinds of things?
  2. What God's work of pruning looks like for you? How do you experience God's work of pruning?
  3. What is, has been, the fruit of the Lord's work of pruning?
In these early morning hours my attention is drawn to the second of these questions. [One reason for that, I think, might be because Crossroads is hosting Jon & Dotty Zens today who work with small church fellowships - click here OR here for more about that. Come to Crossroads today if you can!]

After having served as a pastor for many years in more-or-less traditional church local church bodies, even serving in a church where about 350 people would gather on a typical Sunday morning, I'm now coming, today, to my "last Sunday" at Crossroads -- a church group where about 10% of that number have typically gathered in 2015.

I ask myself today, and wonder if this is the Lord's act of pruning or something else. I will continue to pray over this today -- and ask the Lord about other pruning work he desires to do -- and consider the question of fruit.

In the meantime - how have you, dear reader, experienced the Lord's pruning? If you'd like to share a response, you can comment below or go to my website where you can find my contact information.

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