Saturday, June 6, 2015

Email Highlighting Tomorrow and more

The email below was sent to the Crossroads email list on Thursday of this week.

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Subject: June 7 at Crossroads
From: Crossroads Community Church
Date: Thu, June 04, 2015 12:24 pm

Good afternoon brothers and sisters!

I stated writing this at about 11:30 AM, right toward the end of Kristine Birkholz' office hours this week. Next week she'll be here from about 12 noon until about 2 PM. I, on the other hand, will be in training next week to drive Metro Transit bus. Please ask me and I'll be glad to share more about what's going on with Toni and I.

What a great day we shared last Sunday (May 31). For a PICTURE of our high school graduates taken then and a few thoughts on that see "Forever Friends Can Be True" at THIS LINK (written on my blog on Tuesday). Thank you for all your prayers and your love as we celebrated what I am calling "our graduation" from our current roles as worship leader and pastor at Crossroads. We will be with you this Sunday too, but not in as leaders

This coming Sunday, June 7, we're privileged to share 9:00 AM Bible Study and 10:15 worship together with Jon & Dotty Zens from Oscola, WI. More HERE.

Jon & Dotty will be sharing with us what it means to encourage a "relational community" centered in Christ.

Please come and share with us as you are able - this will be my last Sunday to gather with you for awhile - Toni and I will step back a bit after June 7 to allow for the transition to continue. (I informed the Crossroads board that this would be my "last Sunday" here as pastor).

For our worship time this coming Sunday we'll gather in a way that is inspired by a careful study of New Testament scriptures, including First Corinthians 11 and 14. With Jesus as our leader, we'll gather to share the Word of God and to eat and drink together (gluten free bread and juice will be provided).

Jon & Dotty Zens will come with 2 songs for us to share - we may share other songs too as they are suggested. Jon will lead a teaching - we will listen. Those who desire may ask questions or contribute any thoughts the Lord gives to them.

As a part of our gathering we will the share as the Lord commanded at his last supper with the disciples - “This is my body, which is for you, do this in remembrance of me.” and “This cup is the new covenant in My blood; do this, as often as you drink, in remembrance of me.”

ALSO - - - PRAY FOR OUR CHURCH BOARD MEMBERS! They will meet on Monday, June 9. The board members include: John Buschel (President), Randy Moe, Bonita Garthus (Secretary), Mark Kuhlmann & Diann Mauk. Ron Olson and Norma Jean Cruz will serve another year on the board. Allan Sorenson will serve as immediate past president. Robin Begarowicz is treasurer pro tem. Kristine will be serving as "financial secretary" (Robin is helping her learn the computerized system of secure and confidential record keeping.)

Upcoming Sunday speakers:
June 14th:  Pastor Karl Kruse of “Prayer Watch International”
June 21st:  Gary Finken (has served local churches of various denominations)
June 28th:  To be determined
July 5th and etc.: To be determined
Pray that the Lord would guide Crossroads in the decision about guest speakers, an interim pastor, or other forms of church leadership. If you have ideas about this that you believe come form the Lord, please speak with any of our board members. They will be praying and making decisions about future leadership on Monday, June 9.

God's peace be with you all! Lots more, as usual, on our church website.

Steve Thorson

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