Friday, August 5, 2011

What to Do with the Past

Have you suffered?  Have you been in pain?  Are you tempted to bury your past, to try to forget about it?  God has a better way, and he warns us against pushing the past underground.  God wants to use all the circumstances of our lives to transform us so we are more and more like Jesus, and his past, his cross--that's the power of God.

If you desire to have the gifts and joy and power of God in your life, don't forget the past.  Walk prayerfully through it.  Process it wisely, with the help of a wise Christian friend.  If there are people in your past that have hurt or offended you, or you have hurt others, pray about going to them.  Don't rush, but don't build a wall between you and them.  Get help to reach out, to reach back, to prayerfully learn what it is God wants you to learn.  Let the affliction do its work.  Self-pity or self-protection keeps your wounds alive.

If you could use a friend to help you walk through your past in a Christian and spiritual way, I might be able to help you or help you find a wise someone to do that with you.  It's best not to do it alone.

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