Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free at the Crossroads

Today I got a chance to take the school bus out for a trial run.  School starts on Tuesday and I wanted to make sure I know the route.  It's a quite complicated drive with about 28 stops and maybe 50 turns.  Twice the route has me pulling into driveways to turn around.  I was glad to have Dean Carlson, an experienced driver, ride along.  With his help I didn't make any wrong turns.  It might be different with a few dozen students on board, distracting me or making suggestions about potential "short cuts.".  That's why it was good to make this run today.  Now I know where I'm going.  At least that part should go well.

Just as Dean guided me today, I need the Lord Jesus to lead me through the many intersections of my life.  When I have a good guide, I can be free from fear and I can be free from being led by other voices, whether they happen to come from children or anyone else.  When I have a good guide, I don't need to rely on my own understanding.  I can be free to do what God has called me to do.  I don't need to worry about what anyone else says.  It's so much better to be led by the Lord.

Coming up at the end of September our church will be sponsoring an "all church retreat."  The purpose of this retreat will be to help us get out from under OTHER expectations so we can be FREE to follow the one who knows and loves us best.  Free at the Crossroads will help you and me to know know, follow and serve Jesus through all of life's transitions.  You will become more free to follow Jesus in your family, in your work, in your church and community.

Please mark your calendars for the evening of September 30 and the morning and early afternoon of October 1.  This is sponsored by Crossroads Community Church and is open to all.  Contribute what you can for the book, lunch and speaker: $25 suggested donation per individual, $45 per couple, under age 25 free.  More details to follow.

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