Monday, August 22, 2011

Baptism at Crossroads

I'm needing to correct this post... I was incorrect about the date of the upcoming baptism.  It's September 25, NOT Aug. 28.  I have called the family already but need to make this correction here as well.  Thank you so much to the person who called this to my attention.  
We'll be celebrating our first baptism at Crossroads next [Sunday] month.  I announced this yesterday by saying that at Crossroads we honor the desire of parents who bring their children for baptism at whatever age.  We do this even though it's not possible to convince all Christians that the Bible allows the baptism of small children.  When we baptize little ones, we rely completely on the grace and mercy of God.  And that is never a bad thing to do.

Are you relying completely on God's grace and mercy?  Do you believe Jesus forgives all your sins?  Can you be like a small child in your relationship with the Lord, not trusting in your own goodness in any way but simply relying instead on the love of your heavenly Father?  Can you rely on Him even when you know you will never understand everything about what is "right" or "correct" in God's eyes?  Can you receive everything God teaches as a gift instead of as a demand for compliance?  Can you do this no matter at what age you choose to bring your children for baptism, or at what age you are baptized yourself?

When we get close to Jesus, we will learn this kind of trust.  And when we do desperately trust God as he has been revealed in Jesus Christ, God will fill you with Himself (the Holy Spirit).  You will live then not by your own power or from the "correctness" of your doctrine, but from his grace, his mercy and his saving and healing power, which will flow through you to the world.

Relying completely on Jesus: That is the best thing any of us can ever do.

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