Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I Don't Write About

There are some things I don't write about on my blog.  Politics is one, but I've said that before--politics is full of gray and necessary evil.  It's very important, and there are many ways in which Christian teachings can be applied to it, but it is a terribly messy part of life, full of compromise and behind the scenes deal making.  Politics and government are necessary according to the scriptures, but they cannot bring God's kingdom.1

I also don't write about things that would embarrass people, whether the person who would be embarrassed is me or someone else.  Even though I believe the grace of God covers everything, and even though I believe, according to scripture, that we human beings are very much alike,2 some things are best left to personal and private conversations when just two or three are present.3  Though I might allude to personal things, I don't clearly reveal things here that are not already commonly known and that are pretty much accepted by those I live with and encounter in daily life.

It's actually hard for me not to write about everything.  I'm a pretty open person and I like to think there's nothing I wouldn't talk about with an individual or small group.  Honesty and transparency are indispensable parts of ministry.  If leaders aren't obviously human beings with broken edges, if leaders can't appropriately admit their faults and sins and seek forgiveness, then those leaders play God.  Such leaders may seem super competent, they may attract large followings, but they end up diverting attention from God Himself.  And that, obviously, is a huge problem--a betrayal, actually, of God's call.  Nevertheless, in open forum blogs like this, where anyone can read and share what is written here, some caution is required.

I only hope the things I do write about are honest enough so that people who read this will know they can come to me (or to another mature Christian) to talk and pray about whatever needs they may have.  In personal ministry, nothing is out of bounds.


1 technically politics is a part of the "kingdom on the left."
2 First Corinthians 10:13a
3 for example, Matthew 18:15

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