Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hesitate? NO!

You know that I would be untrue,
You know that I would be a liar,
If I were to say to you,
___ we couldn't get much higher...

The time to hesitate is through,
No time to wallow in the mire...
Other than a few conversations and some prayer care opportunities, the past two days, Monday and Tuesday, have been pretty much filled with what's necessary for my family's life in this world... accepting a contract to drive school bus on a regular route, participating in a first aid and CPR refresher with other drivers and coaches, reading through school district policies, updating what I still call my "checkbook register" (actually using personal finance software for credit and checking accounts), paying college bills, making dents in neglected paperwork...

Today I'm inspired to get some planning and publicity done for our work at Crossroads... it's not something, however, that I do alone..  I've contacted the leaders of our education programs (children, youth, adult) to see how I can help them with publicity and did the same in regard to the All Church Retreat (Sep. 30 - Oct. 1).  Then there are lots of other things in the works: baptisms, a funeral, an application for official Alliance of Renewal Churches membership and my own plans to attend the LCMC Annual Gathering (in Des Moines Oct. 2-5 with a "New Ministry Workshop" Oct. 5-6).  All of these things are done in cooperation with people in our local area--people like you!

Some publicity is already done -- here's a piece from this week's Enterprise Dispatch newspaper -- thanks to Veda Davis for getting this published.  Dave Anderson's ancestors were among the founders of three local churches.  He'll be with us this Sunday. Click the image below to see the entire story.
I encourage anyone who knows of events that are (or should be!) coming up at Crossroads, or in our Dassel-Cokato area, things that would benefit others, to leap out and share them with others through personal conversations, email, or the Crossroads facebook page.

Please don't wait for someone else to act!

If there's anything we learned over the weekend, as people stepped out to lead the benefit for Elijah Morris, it's that, as The Doors said back long ago, "the time to hesitate is through," done with, OVER!

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