Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I never had to worry whether my home was secure. During my growing up years there was fear of nuclear war, but at least I knew I could trust my faithful father and mother. Because of that experience, it was easy for me to trust God.

Those who grow up with uncertain love have a hard time learning to trust. It's an alien thing for them. When those who children naturally trust are untrustworthy it shakes them to the core. And how hard it is later on for them to have faith, whether it's in God or in a faithful friend.

Whenever you have a chance to share faithful friendship or unconditional love, do it. And be patient! In your steadfast friendship, you might be the face of Jesus for someone whose life is shaken. You might be the way they come to trust the Lord.

BUT don't forget your own weakness! Don't trust your own strength in the process of helping or befriending someone in need. Stay connected with those who bring the love and life of God to you. (added 10:45 p.m.)

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