Friday, June 6, 2008

Thank God for Friday mornings!

Most every Friday I get together with mostly older people at the various senior apartment buildings around town. We share the Word of God, a message and the Lord's Supper.

You'd think I'd be doing this, as a pastor, for the ladies and gentlemen who gather. But really, it's for me. I get a chance to practice my preaching for Sunday. And I get a chance to gather with these dear long-suffering Christians who long for the Lord.

It's very inspiring for me. One of the great things, a great luxury, is that I don't come with anything written out. Sure, I've been thinking about my theme or message since Monday, but Friday is the first time I get to share.

My work goes so much better when I share. Sitting in a room writing is so often hard. But, gathered with others, I seem to be able to share more easily what the Lord has to say in a somewhat intelligible way. I suppose it goes with my extrovert personality. But, for me, I think it's in the sharing with others that the Holy Spirit works with me the best.

Today, as I had thought of doing many times before, I brought a recorder with me. I taped my message and transcribed it as a way of preparing for Sunday. Hopefully it will go okay. One of the pastor I worked on many years ago said the problem with not writing out sermons is that they all start sounding the same from week to week. It will be good to seek some feedback on that.

Anyway, thanks to the ladies who listened this morning, and thank you who are reading this for sharing with me today!

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