Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cabin Brownies

As Jesus was training people to do God's work, he said "Go to the lost... proclaim the good news, 'The Kingdom of Heaven has come near...' Whoever welcomes you, welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me welcomes the one who sent me..." Matthew 10:6-7,22

At Toni's family cabin, her mom and dad often welcome us with "cabin brownies," one of the super-sweet northwoods traditions in the Dahlin family. I think we're okay guests. I try to wash some dishes. It's the least I can do -- and the least is often what I try to do up there ! ;-) It's a great place to relax. And there's always lots of great food - for us, and for whoever else might happen by.

Yesterday we welcomed a street preacher - yes, he was on vacation, an old friend of the Dahlins, and we weren't the "lost" he was seeking, nor were we on the street, but we still heard a LOT from him... He talked and talked about his work doing Christian evangelism, about his main "target" group (Jewish people), about his methods and experiences. He told us how he doesn't just push "broadsides" into people's hands on the streets (like others do), but, instead, tries to talk with people instead. He showed us his "bait" - a silver star of David hung on a chain around his neck along with a silver cross. I asked one question and he talked for maybe 30 minutes without a break.

What would it have been like if we were part of his target group? What would it have taken to offer him cabin brownies instead of just saying "no thank you" to his explanations about how Jesus is the Son of God? How was it for the Jews of Jesus time, being told they should welcome Jesus' trainees when they came preaching? Would I have listened?

I can see how big of a deal it would be to welcome such a man into my home. I can see how even offering "a cup of cold water" to one of those evangelists would have been a sign that I was ready to listen. And that would have been a miracle!

And the whole thing is a reminder to me too, who has a tendency to talk a lot, to sometimes perhaps just listen awhile and eat.

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