Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Got an email from W asking me who I might recommend to receive recognition as a "Super Volunteer." I spoke to CL today who has put herself out over and over again on behalf of KA. I stopped by the new food shelf and saw WM & the M brothers and others working. WM is an entrepreneur for the Lord. The brothers M host the Bible study & donate so much of their time and resources. AS serves as a financial coach for several people. Then there is the Alpha crew, the Quilting group, Parish Nurse, befrienders (official and unofficial), kitchen volunteers, worship & music volunteers, church council & committees, office/mailing/compiling volunteers, youth and children's ministry volunteers. And that's just those who volunteer through our church ministries. We could look at community too! How do I pick? We have a wonderful church! Maybe someone should be recognized who NEEDS recognition! I hear there is a scholarship attached!

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