Monday, June 9, 2008

God Provides

We have been so lucky/blessed as a family. For example, during the past few years we were given two cars - one from my dad's sister Betty and her husband Glen and one from David, dad's brother.

We've been a four car family because of these gifts. Having four cars means we've not needed to think very hard about who gets a car when.

The 1990 Oldsmobile died last night. Bolts and the frame under the front end gave way. It was all very public - right after the opening night of Bible school. Joel, our financial adviser, happened to be first on the scene.

So now we need to choose. How much money for cars? How much for other things? Such is the "real" world.

Jesus said, "Whoever loves father or mother... son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." We want to make things "good" for our kids. We want them to be able to come and see us often and in our society that means having cars.

This, then, is a moment to choose. It's a time when decisions about giving, saving, spending meet reality. I will be meeting with our financial adviser to get advice, but, in the end, we will need to choose.

And these "little" choices do impact our witness for the Lord and our willingness to depend on what He provides.


  1. Pastor Steve please review and comment on your blog.
    Sorry for the unappropriate location.
    Just calling you on your vote!
    After 20 years he is changing churches. Why don't you. It sounds like you don't like the direction of the elca eather? Change is good and bad$$ What do you believe?

  2. Well, I'd enjoy chatting with you if I knew who you were! I do have issues with the ELCA. I've been a member of WordAlone for a long time. My call to the ministry was specifically to work within the established church because, as my call said, "We need your gifts." As long as I feel that is still true and I don't receive a call to move out, I'll stay UNLESS it becomes evident that there aren't enough faithful friends in the denomination. The ELCA is very uneven, one local church and one synod to another. Please contact me!