Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pray Y'all

Since when did prayer become a private thing? The disciples saw Jesus praying and could ask him "Lord, teach us to pray." When do others see us praying?

When I was considering a move from Taylors Falls to Cokato, it was the group prayer life of the call committee that touched my heart. Prayer is about relationships. We shouldn't let the ambiguity of the English language make us think that praying is a singular sort of thing. When we let Jesus come into our hearts in prayer, he longs for us to experience spiritual intimacy with others. I think that touches his heart too.

I think I understand some things about prayer. Prayer is about our (plural) relationship with our heavenly Father. It's not about approaching the heavenly vending machine. God really hears us and responds in our midst. Prayer is about being humble, vulnerable, childlike and even foolish (First Corinthians 1:25 and context) before God. He longs to build a relationship with each one and to help us in our relationship with one another.

The family that prays together stays together. So with churches. When we pray together we will learn one another's heart-cries and become more compassionate. The concerns of others become our own. And we will find ourselves being the answer to other people's prayers.

B has a calling from God to start a prayer ministry. Pray that she would be guided by the Lord in community with the church.


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