Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rise Up!

At right you'll find the fruit of some advance planning that's been done by the network team of pastors that I appreciate so much working with.  Tomorrow I travel to North Heights in Arden Hills to continue the process of putting together preliminary outlines.

Is this what God has in mind for OUR church here at Crossroads?

Will you pray about it?

What would you add or take out?  What do you believe God is calling us to focus on in the next weeks and months?  None of this needs to stay this way.  It can all be changed.  Even the very idea of having "themes" and "series" can be scrapped.  Please pray about what God would have us do!

Do you have a guest speaker you'd like to invite?  Should we schedule a day when we will just share together without a planned message.  (We did that, more or less, last Sunday.)  And, just because we have a particular theme planned that doesn't mean I have to preach!  Others can bring a message just as well.

Each of the themes in the two planning boxes just have titles that are based on scripture.  The scriptures and titles were selected by a prayerful group of pastors.  But they have not been "tested" or "prayed over" by anyone here in the Dassel-Cokato area.  (Four of us did meet yesterday evening to consider the plans for September 8, but that's all that's been done on this LOCALLY by anyone other than little old me.)

(See note below for changes as of Nov. 14)

What do YOU think God is calling us to do as a church with our precious Sunday mornings?  Will you pray and let me know?  Will you gather with others to talk and pray?  We're planning another get together around suppertime next Monday or Tuesday evening so we can share, or just get together with others on your own.

Back at the time Crossroads was founded there was no assigned pastor.  The "launch team" would gather and the members of the team would decide who to ask to preach or lead worship.  There is no reason why that could not be the case now.  A group could gather to do that.  In fact, I think it would be wonderful!  Don't think that I need to be in charge.  I don't.

Rise up!

NOTE - on Nov. 14 we were informed that the "Breathing Room" series is unavailable...

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