Monday, September 2, 2013


Beginning this Sunday, unless the Lord instructs us otherwise (see yesterday's post), we will begin a four week series of messages designed to bring encouragement from God into the lives of people.
  • Sep. 8 "What's Up?" -  This time of worship will be based on a verse from Second Thessalonians (2:16-17) where God is encouraging people after their vision of the future has been distorted by false teachers.  We'll look ahead at the sweet future God has in store for us.
  • Sep. 15 "Cheer Up!" - Because of Jesus, this is not an empty phrase!  We can cheer up when we honestly and boldly bring all our needs to Him because HE IS ABLE to supply every need!  We will not skimp on this good news!  (See the example of Blind Bartimaeus in Mark 10:46-52). 
  • Sep. 22 "Stand Up!" - When lost and dangerous people begin to believe in Jesus, God lifts them up. We praise God for those who stand up with us as we are in the process of deliverance and healing. Who has stood up for you?  Who will you stand up for? (Acts 9:26-28)
for more on the Abels click here
  • Sep. 29 "Rise Up!" - Inexperienced? Unsure of yourself? With the Holy Spirit at work in your life, timid people become powerful, loving and self-disciplined when they allow the Word of God to push them beyond so-called "natural" abilities.  Our example is Timothy (2 Tim 1:6-8 etc.). 

    NEW ANNOUNCEMENT (added Sep 20) Toni's sister and brother-in-law will share be with us Sep. 29!  We'll have a potluck together too after worship!
Jesus! He IS God's encouragement! Pray that we would be open to His presence through the Holy Spirit this month and always, at Crossroads and wherever we go.

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