Saturday, September 21, 2013

Special Guests

The following email went out an hour ago.

Crossroads Friends -

Tomorrow in worship we will welcome Kelly Gilbert, a young missionary on her way to Tanzania, and Godly Agala, a pastor from Nigeria. Our Lord connects us around the world by His Holy Spirit. Please be in prayer that everything we do tomorrow in worship will honor our Lord.

More about Kelly can be found at African Orphan Mission - Kelly has been staying with Toni and me as she prepares to fly to Tanzania on Wednesday.

Pastor Godly met us in an hour of need in 2010, blessing us with a message straight from the heart of our Father God. He will be meeting our Franklin Avenue mission group today and will be with us for worship tomorrow.  (He was in St. Louis for a Wycliffe Bible Translators event and came to this area to visit his friend Marica Higley. It was through Marica that Toni and I met Godly and his wife Ndede in October 2010).

And don't forget the Sarah Hill event tomorrow evening at the PAC - Sarah Hill at the PAC


Pastor Steve

Kelly Gilbert took this photo shortly after Pst Godly Agala arrived at our home late this afternoon. He was telling us about the situation in Nigeria where the Buko Haram are a regular threat to the people of his "Christian Teaching Centre Madalla"... I was looking up what the "Buko Haram" were and where the town of "Madalla" is located. The Catholic church across the street from his church was bombed on Christmas Day 2011. Tomorrow's message, based on the encouragement Barnabas gave Saul (Acts 9:26-28) is being lived out as Godly and his wife Ndede have encouraged Toni and me. Such a blessing to have Godly in our home.

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