Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Good Life

Here are some advance plans for October and November at Crossroads as put together by the network team.  Pray that God would be in charge of it all.
  • Oct 06 "The Good Life" Mt 5:1-12 "... find joy and blessedness in the coming of God's Kingdom..."
  • Oct 13 "The Full Story" Mt 5:13-20 "... draw strength from deep roots in the long plan of God..."
  • Oct 20 "Children of the Father" Mt 5:21-47 "... grow into our identity ..."
  • Oct 27 "Quiet Righteousness" Mt 6:1-8 "... secure in identity, live to please our Father in heaven..."
  • Nov 02 "Why Do You Worry?" Mt 6:19-34 "... trust treasure in heaven, set hearts on his kingdom..."
  • Nov 10 "Judge Not" Mt 7:1-6 "... treat bro & sis with grace as God has been gracious to us..."
  • Nov 17 "Ask, Seek, Knock" Mt 7:7-12 "... to trust our Father to give good gifts to those who ask him..."
  • Nov. 24 "Rock Solid" Mt 7:13-29 "... be not only hearers of the Word but doers..."

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