Monday, January 9, 2012

Together at the Crossroads

Yesterday at Crossroads we played a little game that ended with the formation of small groups.  These little groups will be getting together at least once, some during the week, some on Sunday, to talk together and pray about the direction the Lord is calling us to in 2012.

The illustration at right shows a single person "standing at the Crossroads."  Fortunately, we are not alone!  We have others to stand with us as we begin this new year.  Being in these small groups, we will get a sense that we are with one another going forward.  And that is a very good thing.

So what will the small groups do in just one meeting?  As we always do in times of decision, we will pray and seek God's will.

As the the banner hanging over our Crossroads fellowship hall says (from Jeremiah 6:16), we will ask "where the good way lies" so we will find "rest for our souls."

The groups were formed with no preparation.  That was intentional.  We are re-forming our church body now at the beginning of this year.  That's a good thing because some of us don't know one another well, or we are focused on small groups of friends.  Some of the groups might feel a bit awkward, but I believe as they get together to pray they will find they do indeed share much in common.   

I'm contacting the groups little by little to share a bit of guidance as to how they might spend their hour or half hour together.  Besides perhaps getting to know one another a bit better, the main agenda will be prayer.  No one will be required to pray aloud, though some in each group will do so.  Before or after the prayer time, we'll encourage one another to share and seek how God wants to use us to reach out to children, youth and young adults, our neighbors in need, our elders and the handicapped, in prayer, in education, in practical help.

Though meeting together just once may not seem important, it is importnat to take time to ask "where the good way lies" instead of just contining to do things as we always have.  When we keep going in the same direction for too long, when we continue to serve in a way we always have, we can become tired and disheartened.

Coming to the Crossroads with others will encourage us to find ways to follow our Lord cheerfully and energetically, using the gifts and talents God has given us.  Perhaps together we will find that our Lord is calling us in a direction we never expected.  Let's pray and ask the Lord what he would say..


On another note, I found out this morning that we have an opportunity this coming Sunday to reach out and help Marie Fitzsimmons serve food at First Baptist Church on the occasion of the retirement of Pastor Dan Swanson.  This will be on Sunday, Oct. 15, from noon - 2:00 p.m.  Four of us from Crossroads have already decided to help and we could use a couple more.  If you can help, and want to do so, please contact Bob or Mary Kay Morris

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