Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Help We Need

This morning we were blessed by the ministry of Gina Mueller, director of student ministries at North Heights Lutheran Church.  What a gift!  Thank you Gina!  I didn't take notes today, and I haven't gone back to check my memory against the recording*, but what one of the things she shared that I've been thinking about since is that the Christian life is very difficult unless we have the Holy Spirit living in us, helping us to delight in God's ways.  God's commands, for example, to love enemies and forgive every offense--those commands are too hard for us without help.  Without the help we need.  Without the Holy Spirit living and active in our lives.

Another thing that is too difficult for us without the Holy Spirit's help... another thing that is just impossible without God's direct intervention in our inmost being is the telling of truth, the utter honesty God requires, the transparency of life that bears good fruit.  Without the Holy Spirit, we live lies and coverups.  Without God's power in me, without regularly coming to him with my brothers and sisters in prayer, asking to be directed and filled with Jesus, I will just pretend to be strong.  But when I am honest enough to ask for the help I need, I can live and be really real every day.  What freedom and peace that brings.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.  We'll share more about this next Sunday at Crossroads.  I encourage you to come and bring friends.  Come ready to be real.  Come ready to be filled.

* go to the Crossroads worship page at for the recording.

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