Sunday, January 8, 2012

Learning to Be Church Together

The following is an email that went out a few moments ago.  If you'd like to be on the Crossroads email list, please let us know.
To: Crossroads Friends

Good evening all -

Thanks to everyone who came to worship today!  I hope you had a sense of the Lord being present with us in the Bible study/Education hour, in the worship time, and in the potluck following.  Thank you so much to Mark Koller for the message he shared from the heart of the Lord.  We are learning to be church together and for that I am truly grateful!

Praise God for the GOOD NEWS he gives us to share in Jesus' name.  Praise Him for his HOLY SPIRIT that he pours out on us so generously when we are open to Him.

At the potluck we had some fun considering how God may be calling us through the desires he has placed into our hearts to bless children, youth & young adults, elders, and the wider community... We played a "forced choice" game and then formed some little groups that set a time to get together

If you weren't able to be with us today but would like to be invited to a group, talk to someone you know who was there or let me know and we'll connect you up.

If you are a part of one of the small groups that is planning on meeting in the next couple weeks, to pray and share about how we will be reaching out and sharing the good news, would you please send me a note letting me know who might be in your group and when you plan to meet?

When you get back to me, I will share some suggestions for prayer and possible action for your group.  Remember, there is no obligation for your group to meet more than once.  Remain open, however, to what the Lord may choose to do in your midst.

Please don't hesitate to share questions or any words of wisdom you might have.  God is calling us to be church together.  Let's share what the Lord lays on our hearts.  As we heard in worship in December, the Lord is calling each of us (each of you) to "Use Your Voice."  Here's a link to the sermon preached on that subject

God's peace to all, in Jesus' name,

Pastor Steve Thorson


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  1. Someone posted anonymously about an important topic. I would be interested in talking with you if I knew who you were.