Monday, January 16, 2012

No Wallpaper

Yesterday at about 5:30 a friend called and asked if he could stop by for a visit.  After he'd been here for awhile he said that he'd hesitated before calling because he was concerned that we would think we had to feed him.  We assured him that it was just fine.  And yes, we did share supper with him.  Of course!  Why wouldn't we?

There's no need to pretend!  We're glad to have you stop by whenever, even if it is at the time of a meal.

The friend who stopped by his the son of a man who worked as a wallpaperer for many years.  He got out of the business in the 1980s, just before wall paper fell out of fashion.  Now my friend's dad is quite old and my friend does what he can to take care of him and his mother.  Both of them need help getting to doctor appointments and taking care of other chores and my friend is glad to help.  It's a part of honoring his father and his mother.

God is not in the wall-paper business.  An advantage of wall paper is that it hides imperfections.  But God desires honesty.  He wants to deal with us as we really are.  He does not want us to paper over or otherwise hide our real selves.  He wants to bring real healing, real peace, real love.

So please let someone know what it is you need.  Don't hesitate to call, even if it is during a meal time.  The Holy Spirit calls us to respond to the real cries of the heart even if it is inconvenient.  The Holy Spirit leads us to want to be there for you.  At least we can pray with you and let you know you are loved.

Please don't pretend.

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