Thursday, January 12, 2012

Time to Fill

Grand sanctuary.  This photo doesn't do it justice.  I sat in there today for a time between bus driving duties. Stained glass windows to the right and left showed prophets and apostles of times past.  I'm sure much good ministry is done in places like this but today it felt like a museum.  Does God not speak through to and through prophets and apostles today?  Does the Lord truly desire crowds to sit in rows, facing front?  Is this the church?  Is it not the presence of God in the hearts and minds and actions of people abandoned to His will?

The Holy Spirit is the dunamis (power) of heaven.  How is the the Holy Spirit active in your life today?  Have you prayed and asked to be filled with this power of God?  When you are filled, what are the chances you will be satisfied with sitting in a row?  It may be unsettling, but when because we know the Holy Spirit is the same that empowered Jesus, whose ministry was love love love love love love, maybe we can take a chance.  Perhaps you can ask God to bless you with that power in a special way this week.  Ask God to reveal himself.  It's time.

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  1. An anonymous person commented on this post about Mormonism and prophets. I would be interested in talking with you if I knew who you were.