Sunday, October 2, 2011

You Are Worth It

When Jesus rose from the dead he showed himself alive to the same people who had followed him before his execution.  He restored those relationships.  This shows how important relationships are.  We should not just let relationships die.  By his example, Jesus shows us how "worth it" it is to keep relationships alive and to do all we can (and pray all we can) to restore relationships when there is a falling out.  When you get a sense that there is a relationship that needs restoring, it's probably the Holy Spirit that is pushing you to reach out.

Earthly, human relationships are not the most important things.  When relationships are based on lies, or when lying is necessary to maintain them, then we have a problem.  Relationships require truthfulness if they're going to be blessed by God.  Emotional ties are traps when they require people to suppress truth.  But when love and truth live together, that is goodness... that is near unto goodness itself.

I had the privilege this week of walking alongside a family as they laid a loved one to rest.  In the months prior to this death, the Lord used a particular individual (not me) to encourage family members to reconcile, to put behind them what had been many years of division.  God was present at that funeral.  I was so thankful to have a small part in it.

One of the reasons it's good to come to church on any given Sunday is because the Holy Spirit is there AMONG those who gather, not simply "within" the individual believers.  Those who were able to come to the Friday and Saturday church retreat (Sep 30 - Oct 1) were blessed by His mysterious and empowering presence.  I'm looking forward to the same as Toni and Wendy and I attend the LCMC Gathering in Des Moines beginning later today for the same reason.  It's worth it to take the time. 

Those who we gather with, whether at our local church, in our families, or in associations that require travel, they are worth it.  You are worth it.  The Holy Spirit will make it so.

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