Monday, October 31, 2011

A Home For Love

As of last Thursday, Toni and I are purchasing (we have a mortgage) the house pictured above, 785 Mooers Ave., Cokato.  We are so thankful for the ways that we have seen the Lord's direction in this big decision.  A member of the Crossroads board of directors noticed that it might be for sale.  A good friend served as our real estate agent, guiding us through the purchase.  Now we've hired some work to be done (insulating. etc.) and, thanks to relatives and friends, we've started moving.  We plan to begin living there sometime later this week and will soon call this house home.  Our kids will be "home" this weekend and we can hardly wait!

Toni and I pray that the Lord would use our home to continue his work through us in this particular community and among all those we consider "our own" -- friends, family, neighbors, church partners.  We pray that through our home we would proclaim how much the Lord has done for us, what mercy he has shown us, so many may come to know his agape love and follow Jesus in all of life.  (See Mark 5:19-20.)

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