Friday, October 7, 2011

Driving for Inspiration

Toni and I are back in town after spending a few days in Des Moines for the LCMC Annual Gathering (brief summaries here--more to follow).  It was a tremendously encouraging event, definitely worth the 5 hour drive and the 40 minute commute to and from Kellogg, IA where we stayed each night (at the home of John & Marilyn Berthelsen -- thank you SO MUCH for wonderful hospitality).  The overall sense of the event was one of FREEDOM, JOY and INSPIRATION.  Next year the annual gathering will be in Denver.  Let's plan a trip!

Below you'll find an embedded video of one of the Wednesday morning sessions... it's nothing like being there... but still, it's a taste. The message, by Pastor Gemechis Buba, is on THE SEVEN CONVINCING PROOFS OF THE RESURRECTION--it begins at about minute 40 of this video.  You can meet Pastor Buba in person at 7:00 TONIGHT Community of Hope Church in Rosemount (for directions click here or at the Alliance of Renewal Churches Midwest Gathering later this month... more on that below the video.  
Watch live streaming video from markeysav at
Other LCMC gathering videos, including
opening worship with a message by Pastor Bill Bohline
the concluding worship hour with a message
by Pastor Jaynan Clark

are available -- click the links above or go to

Later this month, on Wednesday evening, Oct 26, Dr. Buba will speak on THE POWER OF PRAYER at the MIDWEST GATHERING of the ALLIANCE OF RENEWAL CHURCHES.  Making the drive to Arden Hills is worth it just to hear him speak!  Come if you can or attend another time at your convenience.  The evening sessions are all free.

2011 ARC Midwest Gathering
The Alliance of Renewal Churches
Prayer – Ushering in a Kingdom Uprising
Wednesday – Oct 26
6 p.m. Registration at North Heights Lutheran Church-Arden Hills - click link for map
7 p.m. FREE Opening Session
• Worship and Prayer – Stephanie Midthun and Friends
• Message - An Evening of Worship and Prophetic and Healing Prayer Ministry with Rev. Gemechis Buba
• Worship and Prayer Ministry

Thursday – Oct 27
9 a.m. Chapel - Worship, Meditation, Communion, and Prayer – Nathan Hoff and Friends
10 a.m. Morning Session
• Worship
• Message: Prayer – Fighting for God’s Purposes. A conversation with a Father of the Renewal – Morris Vaagenes, Senior Pastor, Lutheran Church of the Master
• Worship
12:30 p.m. General Lunch/ARC Pastors Lunch
1:30 p.m. Workshops
• Proximity, Presence and Prayer, Kendra Diehl
• Topical Intercession, Mike Swecker
• Celtic Spirituality: Prayer, Work and Mission, Danny Mullins
• Inner Healing Prayer Ministry, Robert Walter and Amanda Starck
• Pastors, Vulnerability and Prayer, Paul Anderson
3:00 p.m. Free Time and Dinner on our Own
7:00 p.m. FREE Evening Session
• Worship – Stephanie Midthun and Friends
• Offering
• Message: Underground Prayer, Robert Walter, ARC Leadership Team members
• Prayer Ministry and Worship

Friday – Oct 28
9:00 a.m. Chapel - Worship, Meditation, Communion, and Prayer – Nathan Hoff and Friends
10:00 a.m. Adult Morning Session
• Worship – Ryan Kowlessar and Friends
• Message: I Give You Authority, Kristi Graner
• Worship and Prayer Time
11:30 a.m. Connecting with One Another
12:30 p.m. Lunch
1:30 p.m. Workshops
• The Power of Sabbath and Prayer, Agust Olafsson
• City-Nation Transformation Through Prayer Evangelism, Dan Clites
• Praying Through the Beauty of Discipline, Midge Wietzema
• Soaking Prayer Ministry, Julie Beghul
• Journey Inward-Journey Outward, Joe Johnson
3:00 p.m. Break
3:30 p.m. Workshops
• Healthy Intercession and Intercessors, Joy Frenette
• Praying in the Spirit, Fred Thoni
• Teaching Children to Pray, Scott Boecker
• Praying the Psalms, Scott McLaughlin
• Celtic Spirituality: Prayer, Work and Mission, Danny Mullins
5 p.m. Dinner on our Own
7 p.m. FREE Evening Session
• Worship – Eric McIntyre and Friends
• Offering
• Message: What’s in the Air Makes a Difference, Mike Bradley, ARC Director
• Worship and Prayer Ministry

I'd really encourage you to come for one of those evenings, perhaps especially on Wednesday.  Dr. Buba is an exciting speaker, solidly grounded on God's word and his own relationship with Jesus Christ. Honestly, this is a can't miss kind of opportunity.

Sometimes the drive is worth it.  This is one of those times.

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