Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Prayer for Crossroads

God is working through us to set people free to follow Jesus in all of life.  

This is God's action, not ours.  God does this work   We participate in this work as we tell the truth.

So, I am praying that we tell the truth.

How do we tell the truth?  First we must know the truth.

So I am praying that we would know the truth.

The first truth is that we are loved no matter what.  Jesus reveals that truth most clearly.

I am praying that we would know this truth of God deeply, to the point where we will not doubt it. 

The second truth is that God gives us responsibilities in this life, responsibilities that flow out of who we are, responsibilities that are full of God's authority and power.  Our responsibilities flow from who we are--and we are loved by God!  Unconditionally.  Totally.  Without reserve.  Our responsibilities are to love God and to love "our neighbor" as ourself. 

Therefore, I am praying that God would reveal to each of us specifically how it is we ought to be doing, how it is that we ought to be sharing that mighty love of God, in truth, with our neighbors at this time and in this place and that we will act boldly on what he reveals.

We can dare to seek God's truth, to pray for it, and then act on it no matter where it leads.  We can do this because of God's great love.  I am praying that we will never be afraid.

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