Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer Start

Beginning now, and continuing through the summer, we'll be reading and praying through the book Custom Designed: A Life Worthy of the Call.  More about this will be posted soon.  Copies of the book introduction are available -- just ask for one by calling me at 763-291-3499 or by email  Please spend some time with the book's introduction before Monday evening, June 13 when we'll meet for supper, conversation and prayer.

The other project is to get going with a Crossroads Youth Program.  Our Lord is calling us to give the next generation a grace-filled, Word of God-faithful and Spirit-led ministry opportunity to be launched in late summer or fall, in cooperation and collaboration with churches and ministries that do good work with youth.  We'll be talking together in the next two weeks and will present the outlines of a program on Sunday, June 12.

On Sunday, June 5, Pastor Ralph Erickson, formerly of Lamson Evangelical Free Church (Dassel) and currently serving Winner Community Church and Whitten Baptist Church in south-central South Dakota.  He'll be speaking on the theme "King Jesus" with scripture from Second Samuel 8.

Please keep praying for Crossroads Community Church, that God's Will would be done in our midst and in the ministry the Lord has set before us.  Also pray that the Lord would favor our faithful farmers with weather that would allow them to plant their crops.  A dry spell would be welcome around here.

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