Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Communicating the Kingdom

What's up in the Kingdom of God?  Crossroads Community Church is not the kingdom--but God is working through this little church in ways that are far beyond my understanding or control.  I am so thankful!

This last Sunday (May 22), Toni and I were in Ladysmith, Wisconsin for an ordination service.  Jody (Kurth) Becker was ordained and installed as pastor of Bethany and Bethel Lutheran Churches in Hawkins and Catawba.  Jody was a 9th grader when we moved from Ladysmith (Jody's hometown--we lived and served there 1986-1992) but I remember her fondly.  She was a babysitter for our three children back then and has since graduated from high school, college and, most recently Luther Seminary.  Though Luther is a seminary of the ELCA, Jody was ordained into a new church body, the North American Lutheran Church.

While we were there reconnecting with friends, Pastor Bjorn Pedersen was preaching at Crossroads.  Fortunately I was able to listen to his sermon and prayer ministry time by going to http://sermon.net/crossroadsdc/sermonid/2689515I strongly recommend that you take time to listen to the May 22 service that you will find there.  Pastor Bjorn has been used by God to help many of us understand and appreciate God's gift of prayer.  As you listen you'll also hear other parts of the service (except the music which we don't have rights to put up on the internet), some important announcements and a greeting from Eloise (Ellen) Ponsford, a worker with Wycliffe Bible Translators, a Cokato native whose work through Wycliffe has been supported by several churches in our area for many years.

Announcements on Sunday included updates on the upcoming Vacation Bible School and the work of the Crossroads church "transition team."  The transition team met for the first time last Wednesday and plans to meet again this Wednesday.  This team did some great work on bylaws, setting out some structure for how the church leadership will organize itself.  This church organization, while not in any way equal to the Kingdom of God, will help the Kingdom be extended in our local area and beyond.  Please pray for the transition team and their work.  If you have questions, just ask!  I can't wait to see what God will be up to next as we continue to pray.  Please join us for prayer at Crossroads tomorrow night at 6:30.


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