Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Gift of Work

Back home after a long but good day.  It's been 25 years since I've worked for an hourly wage.  I've been spoiled, I think.  Not that I'm complaining at all about this new gig.  Working for the school district, rubbing shoulders with kids and teachers and staff members, it feels good.  And it's uncomplicated.  This kind of work I can do and then I can come home. 

In the past couple days I've been privileged to fill in for another school employee.  So now, in addition to the bus driving (still no regular route, just sports trips, though next week I get to bring second graders to the Minnesota Zoo!)... in addition to bus driving I'm doing mail and lunch and other deliveries between school district buildings.  Lots to keep track of but great people to work with.  I'm enjoying it very much.

I'm enjoying my other job too--my first job--the employment that most nearly connects with my life calling as a pastor.  On Sunday we had our church's first congregation meeting, and then, last night, the first meeting of the Crossroads "transition team" was held.  It went well.  We're on track to get Crossroads Community Church on a firm foundation and ready for the mission to which God has called us and for which we've been called into being as a church.

As I'm entering my 56th year of life and my 26th year as a pastor, I'm so privileged to be involved in both of these occupations.  I believe both are gifts from God.  Please pray that I will use these gifts well.

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