Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Wailing Wall

You may have heard of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.  From what I understand, it's a place where many Jewish people have prayed for a very long time, morning the ruined, destroyed temple of the Jews and praying for its restoration.

We now have a temporary place at Crossroads where we can symbolize our constant prayer for people who likewise need restoration and rebirth.  It's nothing fancy, just a partition with slips of paper attached, and, on each slip of paper, something that represents the person we are praying for. 

This started during worship back on April 10.  After the sermon (posted at Something Better), I asked the people present to spend some quiet time in prayer, asking the Lord to guide their thoughts to people who are particularly in need of prayer, people who may not know the Lord Jesus as their Savior, people who are suffering in significant and particular ways.  We distributed 2 or 3 inch square pieces of paper and invited them to make a mark on the paper that would represent that person--perhaps an initial, perhaps a number such as the day of the month they were born, perhaps just a symbol.  The people were encouraged to make the mark something that would not be recognized by others--just a symbol that would stand for ongoing prayers for that particular person.  The slips of paper, with their marks, are now posted near the entry door of the Crossroads building.

Will we continue to pray for those who need Jesus?  Will we wail for them, crying out to the Lord, continuing to pray and not giving them up for lost?  If the people of Israel can wail and pray over the loss of a building, certainly we can cry out to God for the people Jesus died to save.


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