Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Bold and Restful Ministry

On Thursday, at a gathering of Alliance of Renewal Churches pastors in the Twin Cities, Paul Anderson was moved to speak a word from God to me personally and to pray for me.  He and others gathered with me and there was such peace as he did so.  I don't remember all of what he said, but at least three things, all interrelated.
  • First, he said, as God has said to me many times in the last few months, that neither my life nor the ministry I serve in the future will be like what it has been like in the past.  
  • Secondly, God is calling me to trust Him completely, and not to worry about stepping out of what people may expect, for example, in worship when I may hear God saying that I ought to toss out the plans I had made and go in a different direction with a message or a prayer or a ministry time.  
  • Finally, the trust God wants me to have in Him will mean I will recognize, even more than I have in the past, that I can rest in Him and realize that very little depends on me.
None of these are new revelations, but it was good to have a trusted brother in Christ confirm them to me.

Pray that I will follow Jesus to the places he desires that I go.  Pray the same for all the ministry partners the Lord is calling me to be with for the next few months.  God is calling us to rest in Him together (Mark 6:31).

The future will not be like the past.  It will not be like it was.  As we follow our Lord, trusting him completely, it will be good--better than we can imagine.

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