Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kids Need Adults

Don't click on the picture above--click the words.

What do kids need?  Remind them they are lovable, capable, worthwhile and they are loved without strings and they are not alone. That is the best thing parents or other adults can do. All kids need caring supportive adults.  Maybe your kid can't talk to you, but do you have somebody who won't rat your kid out, but will listen and love on your kid like you would...?  That's exactly what you need when you have a problem, someone who's just there for you, someone who's not going to judge, someone who's not going to preach...

And adults, when things get beyond your ability to help, reach out for support!.  One place to find that support is  Or, feel free to contact me and I can help connect you with those who can come alongside you and the youth you care about - email or call or text 763-291-3499. 

No one needs to deal with life alone.

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