Monday, April 11, 2011

Spiritual Bullies

My on-line friend Pastor Bryan Lowe confessed today that he is sometimes a Christian "steamroller."  "I think I'd better explain myself," he wrote...
"...Over the years I have become very grieved over my consistent crushing of those who were different, who saw ministry in a differing way. When their false doctrine and such would become 'clear and obvious' to me, I would consider it a biblical necessity to 'roll, baby roll' right over them. But, I was oh, so foolish. I harmed so many of His servants. What I was doing was wicked..."
You can read the rest of what he wrote on his blogpost from today.

I was thinking about this particularly because of how "ABSOLUTELY CORRECT" we Christian believers and teachers can sometimes think we are.  Instead of understanding and communicating some humility, we can push others, or feel ourselves to be pushed, into conforming to what is taught.  I heard, for example, that there was recently a local DVD presentation shown as part of a Bible study that was very critical of those of us who see the good in bringing our children for baptism. Bringing up the issue and encouraging questions and scriptural searching is good, but pushing people to a particular conclusion is not in the spirit of Christ.

Have you seen ways in which I have been a spiritual bully?  If so, come and point out the fault.  I will do my best to listen and care and make sure you know I'm not as absolutely certain of much beyond my desperate dependence on my Savior, Jesus Christ.

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