Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This One Day

I'm jotting this as I'm standing outside the mailroom at North Central University, where I'm auditing a seminar called "Psychology and the Church."  This afternoon a friend and I will be meeting for lunch, then we'll go together to Prayer Transformation Ministries.  After that, I'll go to another meeting, this time with an insurance agent.

Life is fascinating and hugely challenging.  It might seem to difficult to make sense of.  But, hallelujah, we are not alone!

Our Lord God, the amazing creator, loves us no matter what.  We know this because of Jesus, who gave his life as a sacrifice, dying in our place because of our sin.  The Holy Spirit guides and inspires most clearly as we get to know Jesus in the Bible, but also out in the world, no matter where we go.

I trust the Lord to make good to work his will through this particular day in my life.  You can do the same.


For a bit more about my time at North Central and the seminar I'm auditing, see One Thing I Know, This One Day (2) and Psychology and the Church (seminar update).


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