Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Emerging on Campus

From my son Dan's blog -- Indagatio Veri
"...There is another transition occurring within the church; and at a time like this it is important to look at scripture to try and understand God's intended purpose for it. This understanding has become very important for me. Here at Concordia College I witness a strange dichotomy when it comes to ministries on campus. The campus ministry itself, led by the pastors on campus, has become very bland. Sermons and teachings revolve around us instead of around God. This 'church' seems to be more influenced by the World than it does God, and it is reflected in where they search to find truth and how this changes the interworkings of the community.

"On the other hand there is an 'emergent' church on campus as well. These student led bible studies and worship services have a different character than the more common 'Campus Ministry.' Here it seems the students are more willing to look deep into themselves. There is a yearning for not just more of life, but more of God (which of course are inextricably connected but not always recognized as such.) However neither group is perfect, nor do they completely fulfill the purposes of the church as outlined in scripture. I believe that every church body should strive to conform to the will of God; and in order to do that, we must look towards scripture for our guidance and direction..."
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