Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Wrong Notes

Toni is directing the choir at the little Crossroads church for Christmas Eve and so I'm singing along.  I've sung in choirs for years though not recently, so I'm pretty confident.  There's one particular part of the song, however, that always sounded wrong to me... but tonight, after practicing for three weeks, I found out that I was the one who was wrong, not the other men.  Uff da. 

It's human nature to think "I" am right when I hear someone singing differently.  It's human nature to think I'm right in other situations too, to think I'm doing right nor not doing wrong.  I see or hear others doing differently and I think, they must be wrong.  But sometimes, they're not wrong.  Sometimes I am.  Sometimes I'm the one who needs to change my tune.

Who is to decide?  When we sing, we have notes written by the composer.  If I don't sing those notes, I'm wrong, no matter how good I think I sound.  When we live, we have the Word of God.  If I'm not following the Word of God, I'm wrong, no matter how at peace I may feel.  We do have an objective standard to which we can compare our living, our speaking, our life.

I need to correct those notes I am singing wrong before Christmas Eve.  I hope I will be as humble about all the areas of my life that might need to be corrected according to the composer of God's Word too.

Peace to you tonight in Jesus' name alone.

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