Sunday, December 12, 2010

What I Long For

At 9:00 I began writing this as I was listening to the church bell ring.  I long for my spiritual home. 

When we came to Cokato in September of 2005 there was a sense of excitement and a real sense of welcome at the church to which I was called as pastor.  We got to know great people and enjoyed the excitement of spiritual growth.  It wasn't perfect, but it was good. 

Toni and I will visit another church today.  The place where I hold official "membership" has canceled services because of yesterday's snowstorm.  But the formalities of "church" as we have known it are not really what I need, not what I long for.  What I long for is authentic partnership on this spiritual journey.  What I long for is a place where barriers are swept away because of what Jesus has done.

I know what I long for will probably not be fulfilled in this life.  Still, we'll go to a place that stands firm on the Word of God.  Because it's only in that Word that there is any hope of peace, any hope of a lasting spiritual home.

Don't go it alone.  Go and worship with friends or strangers.  Don't worry if it's not everything you hope for. After all, one day our longing will be fulfilled.  Jesus, the Word made flesh--He will take us home.

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