Friday, December 3, 2010

When God Breaks Me

"Repent!  The kingdom of heaven has come near!"  (Matthew 3:2)
What do I do when someone confronts me with the truth?  Am I willing to notice where and when I am wrong?  Will I repent?

To "repent" means to change my mind and, also, to change the way I am living.  It's probably the most difficult thing anyone can do.  But when the truth of God comes, then I must repent, even if I look like a fool for changing my mind.

It needs to be God's truth, however, that breaks me.  Otherwise I will stand firm.


  1. Thank you for this great little post. Sometimes less is more. Truth is often muddied with rationalization, excuses, and ignorance it seems. I think we forget that there IS right and wrong, which is tough, considering we live in a world of "gray" where we are given the opportunity to fudge the lines too much.

  2. Hey Preston! Nice to hear from you! Let's chat sometime. I'm headed to Moorhead tomorrow. Maybe we can meet up! Give me a call 763-291-3499 or email me.