Saturday, December 11, 2010

Living in a Snowstorm

Today is one of those days when a person needs to be in touch with reality.  I was out shoveling a few minutes ago and will be going again and again throughout the day.  Tomorrow I'm due at a church in Wisconsin but don't know, right now, if it will be smart to make that early morning drive.  We'll see.

I won't, of course, make my decision about going simply by looking out my door.  Even if I can get a car out of the driveway at 4 a.m. that doesn't necessarily mean I'll decide to go.  I'll pay attention to weather forecasts and road condition reports.  If I'm still in doubt before I go to bed tonight, I'll probably call a friend or two who lives on my route.  I won't just depend upon my eyes.

There are times when weather is more forgiving.  There are times when I can go out unprepared and get by just fine.  There are times when we can be more afraid than we ought to be.  Just because there is a there's a pile of snow in my driveway doesn't mean it's going to be bad all the way.  Maybe what I see is just a very localized disturbance.

Just like we need weather reports to keep from making stupid travel decisions, we need help making other decisions too.  God provides that help through His Word and through His Holy Spirit.  If you're snowed in today, spend some time reading scripture.  Spend some time in prayer.  Contact wise and experienced Christian friends who know God's Word.  Ask about what you don't understand.  Ask them to pray for you.  Don't try to do it on your own.

(Feel free to contact me if you want.  It looks like it's going to be a stay at home day!)

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