Monday, June 8, 2009

Why Be Lutheran?

A few weeks ago I went to St. Paul with Naomi, and, while there, we came across this marquee: Minnesota! It's not just for Lutherans anymore...

I haven't been to the Brave New Workshop for about 40 years (wow) and it's obvious that Minnesota has never been for Lutherans only, but we certainly do have more diversity in our state than in the past.

In God's Path to Us I mentioned Pastor John Spaulding and his organization "Christians Meeting Muslims." We'll be working out a time to have Pastor Spaulding come out and speak with us about Islam.

Are there other "not Lutheran" teachings that you would like to learn about? One place you can look is at the "Dare2Share" Worldviews site. If you know someone who has a gospel centered outlook on any non-Lutheran religions, sects or denominations and who might be available to make a presentation, please let me know.

As I understand it, Lutheranism is centered in the free gift of God's love that was given for us in Jesus Christ, especially at the cross. I am a Lutheran because I believe Lutheranism speaks most clearly about grace - God's saving love that was paid for by Jesus. There is nothing we can do to add to what Jesus has already done for us. All we do is allow the Holy Spirit, speaking to us through God's Word, to empower and direct us in lives of love. It's all grace. That's what I look for, that's what I need, and that's why I'm Lutheran.

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  1. At coffee time Sunday (between our two hours of worship) I asked what other religions people would like to learn about. Someone mentioned the following:
    -Jehovah's Witness
    -7th Day Adventist
    -Apostolic/Laestadian Lutheranism
    Please add your own comment or otherwise let me know if you have suggestions.