Friday, June 19, 2009

Onward, part 2

Through His Word, God pushes us out into the world. It's not the first thing God does. Before pushing, He embraces us, assuring us of his undying love. Then he sends us out to do the same.

We'll see this on Sunday, as we learn about the time when Jesus pushed his disciples out onto the "Sea of Galilee."

On the west side was Jesus' home territory. The east was the "other" side--a place where Jesus' people didn't go. The people "over there" were under the domination of demonic powers - Semitic and Roman. Even fishermen like Peter, Andrew, James and John would stay away from the eastern shore.

So when Jesus said "let's go over to the other side of the lake" the disciples may have wondered what was going on. Then, when a storm came up, it may have been obvious to them that going "over there" was a really bad idea. What good would it do to go over to those people? There's enough to do close to home.

But Jesus is never satisfied with leaving people lost. After all, the disciples' own people and their religious leaders were lost too. So, after he saves them, he pushes them to out "there," to those who are lost. In this case, to meet just one man.

Who is it that God might be pushing you out to visit or care about this weekend? Will you follow God's call?

More tomorrow...

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