Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gideon Bible Time

When I visit people in hospitals, or when I'm in a hotel, I often look for a "Gideon Bible." In the front of those Bible's there is a section called Help In Time of Need.

Many times our mental picture of someone reading a Gideon Bible is of someone reading alone. I'd like to have us consider, however, that perhaps you and I, as representatives of Jesus, might be more helpful to people if we were to use that Gideon Bible and read something with or for someone we care for. When two or more are gathered in my name, says our Lord Jesus, I am there among them.

Let's consider how God wants to use us when we go visiting or when we are with our families away from church. Don't leave the Bible to be used only by people alone. If you don't know what to read, just look in the section "Help In Time of Need" where you'll find appropriate verses for:

* The Way of Salvation
* Comfort in Time of Loneliness
* Comfort in Time of Sorrow
* Relief in Time of Suffering
* Guidance in Time of Decision
* Protection in Time of Danger
* Courage in Time of Fear
* Peace in Time of Turmoil
* Rest in Time of Weariness
* Strength in Time of Temptation
* Warning in Time of Indifference
* Forgiveness in Time of Conviction

Just read a few verses, take a moment for silence or conversation or questions, allow God's Word to work in your heart, then PRAY - Praising (thanking) God, Repenting (not covering up) our Sinfulness, Asking for what you and your friend/family need and Yielding--allowing for God to direct and guide.

A moment together with a loved one, sharing God's Word, can lead us back to God's loving arms, or to, perhaps for the first time, to the assurance of Jesus' saving love.

If you don't find a Gideon Bible, perhaps you could mention something to the hospital administration or the hotel manager. Or, speak with a representative of the Gideons -- in our area I know of Dan Lemke, who spoke at our church in March.

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