Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today's 10:30 Sermon

Today our gospel was from John 3, that famous conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus, a religious leader who, presumably, had grown up in a good religious family. No matter how God he or his family were, however, without a new spiritual birth, he would never connect with God. As Isaiah said in today's first reading, meeting God without being born again, we are lost. We need to be adopted as God's children. You can read these scriptures here.

In today's message, I looked at a Biblical parable from Ezekiel 16. In this passage, God shows us who we really are, not religiously smart, as Nicodemus pretended to be, but, instead, people who are abandoned, lost and full of sin--until we are born again. You can read Ezekiel 16, a hard hitting parable about how we "play the whore" in our unfaithfulness to God, by clicking here.

The message changed quite a bit from the first hour of worship to the second. I'm thankful that my congregation is so forgiving. You can listen to the sermon from 10:30 here (but the first part was cut off the recording).

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