Thursday, June 18, 2009

Onward, part 1

The family of Eldon Peterson was here this afternoon to begin planning for Eldon's funeral. If you know Eldon, Helen, or anyone in that big family, please extend the love of our Lord to them. It's always a rough time when we say goodbye to loved ones, even when they are getting on in years.

When you think someone is may be in need; when you think someone may be having a rough time--what do you do? We have a wonderful church community here in the DC area and it's not unusual at all for friends to reach out to strangers, being concerned, lending an ear or a hand.

When someone dies, the people of our community usually respond quickly. Many families that have lost loves say they never knew they had so many friends. Phones ring, people stop over, and food is delivered. Often, there is lots of food to spare--hot dishes, baked goods and sandwiches flow with love like a river!

Sometimes, however, we don't take the opportunity to reach out. Tonight as I was out mowing I saw a couple of neighbors I don't even know. I kept mowing. I didn't stop until the DC High School Marching Band came by. (They had traveled to Milaca for a parade which was canceled because of a tornado warning, so came back and marched down the streets of Cokato! Fun!) I followed and ended up down at Parkview, visiting with some folks I haven't seen for awhile. I guess it took a marching band to get me out of my routine. What does it take to get you out into the world?

I believe the Lord is constantly pushing us. He does that through the circumstances of our lives, putting people in our path who need a conversation or a smile, and he does it through his Word. More tomorrow... If you wish, you can prepare by reading Mark 4:35-5:20.

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