Thursday, April 30, 2009

In This World

On Wednesday April 22, I happened to be at the Cokato Manor to hear one of our high school seniors speak about how the Lord has worked in her life. The Lord has used her family, church and others to help her know the love of God, love that she passes on to others in her work at the Manor. I asked if she would be willing to share the same talk at Sunday worship. Janna's testimony is embedded in my sermon, about 11 minutes in. You can hear it by clicking here... it will make more sense if you read More than Spiritual Care first.

I am so thankful for what the Lord has done in Janna's life and in so many others. Evangelical Lutheran Church in Cokato is filled with people who are excellent examples of what God can do when the Holy Spirit gets a hold of us. We don't sit idly by. We get involved, reaching out and doing what we can.

Last night about 25 people came to a "Faith in Action" event sponsored by our Social Ministry Committee. God is calling people to be involved in caring for the handicapped and elderly who just need a little help to get by. You can get involved by calling our church or Faith in Action of Wright County.

Tonight I was invited (between pre-wedding sessions) to a meeting of the Cokato Police Advisory commission. I missed hearing the Wright County Juvenile Probation presentation. We then heard from one of the Wright County sheriff deputies who is assigned to our town. I don't have the statistics here, but certain kinds of crime are up and the seriousness of crime is also up in our town. God is calling the Christians of our town to be involved in crime prevention. How do we do this? First of all, we use these warmer months to get to know our neighbors! We do what we can to provide positive activities, especially for youth at risk. And, of course, we take common sense precautions and supporting the work of law enforcement. But we can't just leave it to the government!

We may wish we could just sit behind stained glass, but God calls us beyond to do what we can in every area of life. Thank God for how so many respond!

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