Saturday, May 2, 2009

Men's Breakfast and More

This morning I was invited to Howard Lake for a men's breakfast at St. John's Lutheran Church. I sat down next to Tom Kunz, a man from Waverly who has done a lot of work promoting men's ministry and good, healthy marriages and family life. Then I came back to our church because I thought we were having a church yard clean up day here... but it's been postponed.

I went over to St. John's this morning because a friend invited me. That got me thinking about how we get people involved in the ministries of our church, ministries that can really make a huge difference in people's lives. Personal invitation is the key, whether it's to a men's ministry event or a church clean up day. Nothing can replace the power of personal relationships and invitations.

Tom Kunz talked about how men oftentimes lack good friendships where men can talk about anything with each other. He said, and I agree, that for married men, our wives should be our best friends. But there are things that guys can talk with each other about that won't be understood as easily by the opposite sex. Besides that, there are many men who just don't have good solid relationships with their wives. Many are hurting deeply.

So, guys needed to be invited to do things with other guys. Think about the men who you know. Pray for those guys and then invite them. I've heard that the church cleanup day will be next Saturday morning. Maybe you can come and invite a friend. If you want, you can come for men's Bible study at 7:00 a.m. before the workday. No obligation, however... I often find it hard to get up that early on Saturdays!

Hope to see you tomorrow in church. At 11:00 the youth ministry group "Carpenter's Tools" will be leading worship. Youth director and seminarian Nate Bendorf is preaching at both hours.

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