Thursday, April 2, 2009

Faith In Action

If you couldn't drive, and if you didn't have family nearby, how would you live? You might be able to depend on a friend or neighbor, but some people's circle of more-or-less healthy friends is quite small. What if you were handicapped or not very strong due to advanced age? How would you get groceries or go to the post office or drug store?

If you had sufficient cash and lots of connections, you probably could hire someone to do these things, but many of our independent senior citizens and disabled persons can't afford that. They just need a little help.

On Tuesday evening about 10 members of the ELC church "social ministry" committee met at the Food Shelf to make plans for how we can better meet these needs. We've arranged for Allison Loser of Faith in Action to come to Cokato on Tuesday evening, April 28 at to lead a volunteer information & training session at 7:00 in the community room at Cokato Apartments Building IV (a block south of Casey's on Broadway).

More info to come.

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