Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Honest Day

On Monday evenings Toni and I are taking a Crown Financial Bible study class. So far we've talked about God's role as owner of all and what the Bible has to say about debt, counsel and honesty. In regard to honesty, the book we're reading has this summary:
Truthfulness is one of God's attributes. He is repeatedly identified as the God of truth. "I am... the truth" (John 14:6). And he commands us to reflect His honest and holy character...
Today is tax day. A good day to check up on our honesty. Honesty is important in all areas of life, of course, but we can't leave out financial honesty! The current world economic crisis is closely related to dishonesty.

What do we do if we discover we have been dishonest? As we read in this coming Sunday's scripture reading from First John, confessing our sins is always the best thing to do. We confess to God first. Then we talk honestly with those we trust. With their help and advice, we talk with those who are less forgiving--even to the IRS.

God will always forgive. He paid the price for our forgiveness. In the Christian church, forgiveness flows freely also. In the world, it's harder. In the cold, hard world, it's a matter of negotiation and submission, not forgiveness! Because we do live in this world, subject to its laws, taxes and other bills must be paid.

If you're in trouble financially, let us know. Someone who is a part of our church family may be able to help. Some of our church members have expertise. One thing is sure, however, if you aren't ready with your tax form today, go to this federal IRS webpage and this MN Revenue webpage and file for an extension. Don't wait! Do it today!

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