Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What You Do

I know it's time to write my annual report for the church's records. Every year it's a challenge for me to get to that because of the press of every day ministry needs and the need to prepare for what's coming next. Looking back is necessary, I guess, but usually not something for which I have a lot of energy. In fact, just keeping up with current programs & those in need of care leaves little time to think beyond this week.

How then, do innovations happen? How have Alpha, the thrift store, the new food shelf and the upcoming Truth Project and so many more exciting ministry and mission opportunities come into being? Not through central planning! Not from this desk or this office! Most of the good things that have happened are due to the Holy Spirit stirring in the hearts and minds of people like you.

My job, as I see it, is to keep preaching and teaching the Word of God and to keep us focused on the CENTER of God's Word -- the life, love, death and resurrection of Jesus. Your job is to step out in faith. Innovations, mostly, are in your job description, not mine...

Don't forget -- your job, as non-clergy, is as big as the world. Don't wait for me! Y'all are way bigger, and much faster, than me. 2008 proves it. I'm sure 2009 will do the same.

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